Long Island, NY

Since the beginning of the Covid19 outbreak, Dr. Birk has been committed to sharing medically accurate and useful information with Long Island patients and families.

Covid19 Coronavirus

From the beginning, Dr. Birk paid close attention to the development of the pandemic, and followed the research as it evolved. He then took advantage of today's communications technologies to spread and share reliable information in a world which was in fear, and unsure of who to trust.

As a physician, he believes that patients are family, and should always receive the same care and treatment that he would provide to members of his own direct family. It's a mission.

Wash Your Hands


This video received thousands upon thousand of views during the early stages of the pandemic. Dr. Birk noticed that while many people were trying to protect themselves by handwashig, the level of knowledge was extremely low. Hence this video was created to provide citizens with a guide to proper technique. You can watch the original video here.


Go To The Hospital


It quickly became apparent that fear was causing many people to avoid going to the hospital even if they had serious symptoms of possible heart attack or stroke. Again, Dr. Birk stepped up to remind patients that Doctors are profoundly motivated to serve and care for the population. It is part of the Hippocratic Oath that is taken by every doctor as they join this caring profession.

You can see this and other posts on Dr. Birk's Facebook channel.

Medicine has Changed


Dr. Birk is proud to be a member of the NSPC Brain & Spine Surgery team. NSPC has rapidly adapted to the new world of the Coronavirus, and as Dr. Birk points out medicine will never be the same again. For more insights from Dr. Birk, be sure to follow his Twitter Account here.